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College Fair

My son, fiancee and I went to the college fair last night at the local high school. There were representatives from universities, colleges and technical schools along with the Army and the Marines - all encouraging the children to want to to continue their education.

As soon as we got in, I could tell he was overwhelmed. Not by the colleges but by us. He wanted to be alone, he wanted to walk and talk all by himself. He is growing up. He did not want his hand held, he did not want me to embarass him or to ask a question that he deemed inappropriate or silly and we left him alone. As I looked across the room I could see him moving slowly and methodically. Looking at times too serious, a smile hidden underneath his straight face. He realizes what is at stake. He wants to go to college and he is not tied into any particular school or part of the country. He is my child. He is ready.