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A Happy Child

This evening my daughter told me that she was so happy and all she needed now was a kiss from me. I smiled and to be honest felt somewhat irritated by her happiness. I feel tired, I feel put upon and I feel overwhelmed and somewhat weepy. I spent weeks making sure that my children and that my intimate received what they asked for for Christmas and yet when it came time for me to receive what I asked for - I received nothing from my children and earrings from my intimate. Beautiful, yes. What I wanted -no.

My boys received the PS3 games, the hats, the clothes, the money; my daughter received her Wii, her CeeCee & Rocker clothes, her orbeez and her Wii games, my intimate received his Password game and the $350.00 purchase card towards a Henry, a sippy straw and ear muffs - my children and him love me as much as they love themselves. I know that. Christmas comes with so many expectations and as a mother and a lover my expectations are always managed with a little bit of hope. The hope is that it will happen, if it does not, acceptance follows.

Acceptance that a happy child that tells me she is happy is what life is all about. She said that when she saw the Wii and the games she thought she was dreaming. She smiled and then she told me she loved me more and asked for a kiss. I smiled, gave her the kiss. I then said isn't it nice when dreams come true and she said yes it is.