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I am back. Feeling good and looking good. This was the first day in about the last month or so where I felt like myself. Up early with the smell of coffee, fingers clicking on keyboards and the sounds of God whispering to me from the television station. Today is the first day the kids go back to school from their Christmas break. Today is also going to be the first day in weeks where the traffic will be more dense as school is in, vacations are over and work begins again for everyone - adult and child. This is the day where patience and gratitude should prevail and for me it is going to be my mantra. Patience, for God is not finished with me nor with them yet.

My resolve for 2012 will again be the same as it has been for years and that is to be the best Yolande that I can be. I continue to thank the Lord for His guidance and His presence. The last few weeks have exhausted and inspired and reminded me yet again that the woman inside of me is one bad mamma jamma. And it has also reminded me that my family is awesome.