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The Bag of Broken Glass (Poems)

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By A Fan "A Fan" (New York, NY)

Two of our National Treasures, Michael Palmer and Marilyn Hacker, who some might simplify as having opposite poetic aesthetics, have deeply praised poems in this second book. What Sugarman has in common with these two ground breaking Master Poets is a devotion to language, philosophy, image and lyric searching. Sugarman's lines echo our most contemporary concerns:
"But what happens/when language can no longer bear us?" Buy this book!


Beautiful and transcendent, April 28, 2008

By J. Reed

The words "achingly beautiful" rarely ring true for me, but in the case of Yerra Sugarman's poetry, they are absolute. While her exploration is often through an autobiographical lens, what is so wonderful about Sugarman's work is how it transcends her own experiences. Love and grief are, after all, universal, and there is nothing in her work as a whole or in this collection that requires a particular cultural understanding or a particular loss in order to find one's way in.


The Bag of Broken Glass, April 26, 2008

By Fran Montane "Fran" (New York)

I was very excited and looking forward to reading this book! In the realm of contemporary poetry, her use of language and poetic form is nothing short of brilliant. This book spoke intimately to me of grief and loss, religious questioning, holocaust and history with the tint of a suffering that I am familiar with. What was so great about this book is that she is able, through her poetry, to give meaning to the grief - with an artistry that transcends the difference of personal history for the reader. This book fosters a deep compassion for reflection. I think anyone who has experienced loss or suffering will admire this book and if they are lucky enough not to have experienced that yet in their life they will admire it for it's artistic merits. She is one of the most talented poets I've read.