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Yerra Sugarman's Books

Red Room Bag of Broken Glass-final cover 12-31.gif
"Yerra Sugarman’s first book Forms of Gone marked the appearance of a mature poet with an invaluable world-view, that of a daughter of Shoah survivors settled in Canada interrogating and recreating a vanishing palimpsest of experience. The Bag of Broken Glass, with a mastery of form and of the multi-vocal sequence, enlarges on the poet’s project: investigates the permutations...
"Forms of Gone is a powerful first book by a poet mature in experience and worldview, whose strength is drawn at once from a unique perspective and a multilayered engagement with the conterpoint of syntax and poetic measure. Yerra Sugarman is the daughter of Shoah survivors who settled in Canada, and her subject is the overlay and undertow of history on daily life, as it...