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Life Long Writers… Here We Come!


Smiles, grins, and applause followed each reading of each book the children had worked so hard to publish.  It was as if I had walked into a bubble of pride, when I entered the classroom, and students were sharing their All About books with parents and visitors.  After the last applause, I introduced myself to the parents, whom were still beaming from excitement. 


“Hi, I’m Mrs. Alfonso, the literacy coach.  I have been working with your children, as they have worked so hard writing their books.  You must be very proud of them.”  To the one mom, who came by herself, I said, “You must be …” “Berto’s mom,” she finished my sentence.  “You must be very proud of him!  He is a great writer!”  “Yes,” she responded, “He has already written two other books at home.”  You couldn’t contain her smile.


Last week and this week, in passing, I have discovered two children writing for fun at home, working on genres they have been learning about in writing workshop, at school!  A little boy and a little girl.  Money can’t buy that!  These two children are the epitome of what I desire to accomplish in each child, each day - independent, life long writers!  Oh, and did I mention, that both children are English language learners?  If you are a teacher, a parent, or a significant other, won’t you join me in accomplishing this goal for all little writers?