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What Is Going on in Tibet

Yesterday, a few writer friends asked me what I thought about what was going on in Tibet. I was at the Nieman Conference from Friday to Sunday, and had only heard sporadic mention of the situation in the car radio. Yesterday I spent hours digging around for more information, but the Western media lacks first-hand citations, while the cyber voices on the Chinese internet are ruthlessly, though not surprisingly, uniform ("Resolutely oppose separatism!"). One thing is clear though: there has been significant violence, as if this world has not gotten enough of that. Photos can be found on this Chinese website.

...My main question is: What caused the violence in Tibet?  Continue to read on my blog Inside-Out China.

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It's as clear as day what is

It's as clear as day what is causing unrest in Tibet: China's ruthless invasion and occupation of a sovereign country for the past five decades. Their Tiananmen Square-like massacre of Tibetans simply proves that this is their default solution to any challenge to their power. The IOC head is a criminal idiot to claim that the Olympics have nothing to do with politics. What else IS it but politics; why else would China want to "host" the Olympics except as a public showcase? Remember when the world, including the US, boycotted the Moscow Olympics? It wasn't on account of their borscht. Let's stop being so hypocritical and deliberately naive. Everything--EVERYTHING--today is about politics. And money and power and domination. I would have loved seeing the Olympic flame being hand-carried through Darfur.