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Taiwan Election Photos

A friend of mine, a Hong Kong poet, took the following photos during Taiwan's presidential election the past week. Yesterday, 57-year-old Ma Ying-jeou of the Nationalist Party won 58 percent of the vote. A CNN report saysMa "endured an often nasty campaign by [Frank] Hsieh, a former premier who got 41 percent of the vote." Hsieh was the candidate from the Democratic Progressive Party. The presidential campaign focused on relations with China. Ma, the president-elect, has plans to improve Taiwan's relationship with Beijing.

See the photos on my blog Inside-Out China>>


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Ma Ying-Jeou, to me, is the

Ma Ying-Jeou, to me, is the Taiwan version of John F. Kennedy. Not as young but a real looker. I wonder why the Mainland leadership all dye their hair that awful purplish nori color.

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Ha! Ma indeed is

Ha! Ma indeed is good-looking. It is true none of the current Mainland leaders is handsome, but their hair seems black to me. :-)

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Any news about what the

Any news about what the Falungong are doing to exacerbate the Beijing government?

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I wish I had news, but I

I wish I had news, but I don't know much about it...