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Imagine picking up a novel, hoping for an entertaining read. You open it up, read the first paragraph, and realize that the main character is …   … you!   What would it feel like?   A teacher might find this a good discussion starter for  students (I'm thinking of grades 6-10)....
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Reading and writing are magical.   That isn’t just a slogan to encourage your students to read and write—although it can’t hurt! It’s also more true than we may realize or remember.   When I was a small child, three or four years old, I’d watch adults reading—my dad reading a novel, my...
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“Ay, ¡Mis hijos, mis hijos! ¿Dónde están mis hijos?” (“Alas, my children, my children! Where are my children?”)   If you’re teaching a class that includes Latino students, it’s likely that they’re familiar with those words—the dreaded and pitiful cry of the legendary La Llorona, “The Weeping...
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“When dinosaurs ruled the earth …”   Those words (which happen to be the title of a 1970 movie) really get inside a kid’s imagination. I read my first book about dinosaurs when I was in second grade. And kids haven’t changed much as far as dinosaurs are concerned. In the 1990s, I went to a...
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Once upon a time …   … kids didn’t get their fantasy spoon-fed by computer games or CGI. They found strange worlds and adventures within their own imaginations.   Remember that time? Some of us can, I’m sure. And we can bring some of that imaginative magic into the classroom without a...
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I'm just amazed by the stuff Pat can do to promote our books. Go to http://www.yabookscentral.com/ and look at the little ad that she created for Juggler in the Wind. Watch the animation for a moment, then click it. While you're on our site, stroll around the pages a bit. Oh, and for those of you...
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READ Magazine
A play version of Pat's and my novel Juggler in the Wind is featured in the current issue of READ Magazine. It feels great to be in the same issue with Rod Serling and Ray Bradbury. I can't thank editor Debbie Dolan Nevins enough. The amazing illustrations are by David Ho. READ is an excellent...
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The Death of the Good Wizard
The Amazon reviews are starting to trickle on for the second novel in Pat's and my pre-teen Red Monocle series, _The Death of the Good Wizard,_ and they're really good. (Even the one three-star review is actually a rave—did the reviewer make a little mistake there?) _The Death of the Good...
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Award to _Anna's World_
Today it was announced that Pat Perrin's and my novel _Anna's World_ was 1st Runner-Up in the Young Adult category of the Eric Hoffer Awards. This is the fourth national award for _Anna's World._ Check the Eric Hoffer Awards at http://www.hofferaward.com/HAbookwinners.html#young. _Anna's World_...
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Award to _The Jamais Vu Papers_
The results of the International Book Awards have been announced (see   http://www.internationalbookawards.com/2011awardannouncement.html). Pat Perrin's and my books (and our own independent publishing outfit, Plays on Ideas/Chiron Books) have made quite a sweep. The new...
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This morning, my wife and collaborator, Pat Perrin, forwarded me this emai: "Congratulations. As part of the Eric Hoffer Award, your book was nominated for the Montaigne Medal.... "Your book is still on track for a category prize, including the Hoffer Grand Prize. The Montaigne Medal is...
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In all the fuss over the upcoming date of December 21, 2012, the end of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mayan calendar, people seem to have forgotten similar excitement over the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Back then, my wife, Pat Perrin, and I were publishing a newsletter that would eventually...
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Pat Perrin and I recently published the award-winning first novel in our Wand Bearer Trilogy, Juggler in the Wind (available at Amazon.com). You can learn more about it on my previous blog, Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin interview each other about "Juggler in the Wind". We're hard at work at...
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The Jamais Vu Papers
My wife and collaborator, Pat Perrin, and I have pieces published in the first two issues of a terrific new online magazine,  _SOL: English Writing in Mexico._ One is a poem about our adoptive daughter Monse (http://solliterarymagazine.com/july-2010/for-monserrat-april-1-2002/). The other two are...
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Now those are words to conjure with! They are, of course, from Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous poem, “The Raven.” Poe casts an uniquely powerful spell among American writers. Even people who have never read him have probably heard bits of his poetry or know the titles of some stories, such as “The...
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