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Jan.21.2010 - 11:57 am
Edgar Allan Poe
Hi again.  It is really difficult to choose one "favorite" short story, so I'm going to choose one I worked on for my Bachelor's title thesis. "Loss of Breath...
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Nov.18.2009 - 2:58 pm
In a world dominated by Superpowers so dependent on Military Industry, the word "Peace" is unavoidably and unfortunately associated with the word "Hypocrisy...
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Nov.04.2009 - 2:12 pm
Hi everybody, this is my first blog entry. I just have a few things to say: First I want to pose a question: Do you have a favorite bookstore? I would say I don't. I buy books in...
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Short Story: Ten Years

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Aug.08.2009 - 6:43 am
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