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About Me

I was born on April 18, 1979 to Pa & Ma Isaac A. Imasuen in Sabongari area of kano State, Nigeria. I attended Kundila Special Primary School, Kano between 1984 to 1990 where I obtained my Certificate of Primary Education and finished 1st position out of 39 in my class. During this time, I had been Class Monitor twice, I had been given a prize for being the best pupil in Primary Four and I had finished each term with 1st position more times than 2nd. In December 1990, my family moved to Benin City, our hometown, in Edo State, Nigeria after my dad had spent over 26 years in Kano during which he had taught in different public primary and secondary schools. My mum too had spent about 13 years teaching in various public primary schools. She had to learn to read and write in the Hausa Language in order to be able to teach in her last primary school before she was prematurely retired by the Kano State Government. My dad had been compulsorily put on a contract appointment by the same Government before he was finally retrenched.

In Benin City, I attended Edo College from 1991 to 1996 where I obtained my Senior School Certificate with distictions in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science and Geography. I got credits in Physics, English Language and Economics and a pass in Further Mathematics. Throughout my Junior Secondary School days, I was always on top of the class, finishing 1st position term in term out, year in year out and my teachers' remarks for each of my subjects were 'Excellent' thereby earning me the nickname 'His excellency' from teachers and school mates. In my second year, I was the overall best student.

In 1999, I got admission into the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria to study Chemical Engineering. In my fourth year, I was given the University Scholar's Prize for being the best student in academic performance in 300 Level. Also in my fifth year, I was awarded the same prize for being the best student in 400 Level. During my graduation ceremony/convocation, I was awarded the Departmental Scholar's Prize for being the best graduating student in the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Nigerian Society of Engineers Benin Branch Prize for being the third best overall graduating student in the Faculty of Engineering. I was finally awarded a First Class Honours degree in Chemical Engineering.

Between September 2005 and September 2006, I did my National Youth Service in Enugu State of Nigeria. My orientation camp was the Awgu camp ground in Awgu Local Goverment Area of Enugu State. During my National Youth Service, I taught Chemistry, Mathematics and Integrated Science in St Augustine Comprehensive Secondary School, Akpugo in Nkanu-West Local Government Area of Enugun State. I was also the Quiz master of the school. The school was located in a deeply rural area where I was bitten by gnats and fell ill many times. Infact my fiance who went with me to the place on first time there and stayed with me for about a month also took seriuosly ill. There was hardly electricity there and the dwellers' source of drinking water was a pond. I had to buy sachet water several times and sometimes walked a distance to a compound which had a  water borehole and where we were permitted to fetch water on few occasions because we were corpers as graduates serving under the National Youth Service Corp were often called. The area had little or no GSM signal. In fact I had to place my cell phone on my window to connect with a weak signal in order to receive and send sms and calls. It was there my cell phone was stolen. I also encountered problems with the proprietor of the school and one principal he brought into school. The proprietor, who was supposed to be an elder and a traditional ruler was ver deceptive and untruthful. On one occasion, he told lies about me to my Area Inspector and I was queried. He later fell out with the principal and sacked him.

In October 2006, I was offered employment into the Graduate Trainee Scheme of the West African Portland Cement where i remained until February 2007 before taking up an appointment as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Benin, the university I graduated from. I was there till January 2008 before I was offered employment  on permanent status by the Department of Petroleum Resources which is the Federal Government of Nigeria regulatory arm of the oil and gas industry. I work as Chemical Engineer II in this agency till date.