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Love Unveiled


My Heart Belongs to You


It may be bruised and damaged;

It might have beaten for so long.

It may be ripped and ravaged;

The subject of a million songs;

But my heart belongs to you!


It may have fallen once or twice,

To another that crossed its path.

Love can sometimes not be nice,

So destiny has brought it back,

Because my heart belongs to you!


I offer it to you in deepest trust,

This lonely cavern, sad yet strong.

Please do with it what you must,

But I hope you'll let it tag along,

Because my heart belongs to you!


I feel your warmth from miles away;

The tenderness of your touch.

I hope to hold your heart someday,

But until then I will have to trust,

That my heart belongs to you!


My Butterfly


A beautiful butterfly,

Floated by on a breeze;

It turned my way and smiled!


It came so close by,

Within reach of me,

That I could see into its eyes.


I reached out my hand,

To bring it closer to me,

Being careful not to scare it away.


It did not understand,

That I wanted it to be,

On my hand every single day.


It flew to my fingers,

And settled right there,

With a smile I will never outgrow.


The longer it lingered,

The more we would share;

The more that I wanted to know.


I stroked its soft wings,

With the gentlest of touch,

And the passion dictated the rest.


We talked about things,

Until the dawn from the dusk;

When I awoke, my butterfly had left.


I went back to that place,

Wanting to see it again,

To ask why it had chosen to leave.


I could see in its face,

That it flew in the pain,

Of once having been deceived.


It had found a new chance,

To fly in the breeze;

It had learned to enjoy the sights.


So far away were my plans,

From the freedom it needs,

I realized it wouldn't be right.


I'll watch her fly free,

Like a bird, born again,

Not expecting she'll ever roost.


She is beautiful to me,

But I can't hold out my hand;

I know there would be no use.


Perhaps in a short while,

She will tire of the flight,

And the dangers that fill the air.


I will be there to smile;

To look in those eyes,

And tell her how much I still care.


The Old Man and the Drink


I met him in a tavern;

He bought me one more drink;

Before it touched my lips,

He made me stop and think.


He asked me if I really needed it,

And I wondered why he cared.

He hung his head for a moment,

Then he lifted it and stared.


He told me a story about a kid,

Who had the world in his hands;

A family that really loved him,

And a future in his plans.


When I pressed him for a name,

He sipped his stale, flat beer.

He told me just to shut my mouth,

And to open up my ears.


He talked about the bottle,

And how it can take control;

How it took this man of substance,

And stole away his soul.


The fall, he said, was heavy,

And soon everything was lost.

The hardship of the lesson,

Was the pain of what it cost.


He told his tale of woe,

And he tried to make me see,

Although that man was him,

It might as well be me.


He placed the drink before me,

With one last word of advice.

Just throw this drink away;

Don't let it ruin your life.


When my hand went out,

And grasped that shiny glass,

He watched me tip it to my lips,

And pour it down with a laugh.


He turned and walked away,

With sadness in his eyes.

His wasted stack of words,

Were buried in his sigh.


I cursed him out intensely;

Called him a crazy drunken fool!

I told him not to preach to me,

That I make my own damn rules!


I'll never let it hurt me,

I yelled out as he left!

I'm smarter than you were;

I'm not like all the rest!


He faced me from the open door,

With a smile on his face.

He ordered me a couple more;

Then he laughed and left the place.


Bad Word


The door closed like the click of a gun;

The paperwork in his shaking hands.

He had been with me right from day one,

Trying to help me understand.


His eyes shed a tear that rolled down;

Dropping on the results that he held.

There was no escape from the sound,

As it splattered with a deathly yell.


He sat down; a veteran of bad news,

But he stumbled on the words.

He realized then, that I already knew;

Though unspoken it was clearly heard.


I thought about that sweet little boy,

Sitting there alone in the waiting room.

His young life has been so full of joy;

He just wanted me to hurry out soon!


I thought about his future alone,

Without the one constant in his life;

About how what once was a home,

Would soon be so empty inside.


I cursed the God that I once embraced;

I left Him in the examining room behind.

When I looked into my sons smiling face;

God was the farthest thing from my mind.


I'd heard the stories, I'd seen the news,

I'd felt the sadness for those afflicted.

Through the tests, I somehow knew,

What no-one else would have predicted.


Cancer...the word rattled like a snake.

Already bitten, I was lying in the dust;

No second opinion, no quick escape;

Dear God, what will become of us?


I took my boys hand in mine,

Trying to be the same Dad I always was.

 I led him from that office, back outside,

Praying my manufactured look was good enough.


I paused at the car, buckling him in;

Caught his eye in mine and I cried.

Where does this explanation best begin?

It just cannot be told with lies.


He looked at me so deeply within;

Dropped his Sponge Bob on the floor;

Then mustered a rugged toothless grin,

That I had never seen before.


He told me that he loved me,

And he knew that I was sad.

He asked how bad can it really be?

And then he told me he was glad.


He was happy that I was so strong,

I was Superman in his eyes.

He said, no matter what was wrong,

He knew we'd be alright.


I held him tightly in my arms,

And kissed him on his rosy cheek.

My son let God back in that car,

And locked out my thoughts of defeat.


I drove to a pizza place nearby,

And we had ourselves a tiny feast.

The strength that boy held inside,

Gave me the courage that I'll need.


I will fight this demon to the end;

Slay it as often as it needs to be;

With the help of my family and friends,

It will never get the best of me.


I will fight with every ounce of strength,

Though my fractured will may weaken.

I will battle it fiercely to any length,

To prove this bad word can be beaten!