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The Prodigal Hour.jpg
Published by Bibliobabes
This book has got a really REALLY cool idea driving it; and while I was reading, I found myself thinking, "This would make and EPIC movie!"  So I definitely liked it.
The Prodigal Hour.jpg
Published by Lara's Book Club
And as the time travel concept came full circle and brought Cassie, Chance, and Leonard within minutes and cities of each other, I couldn’t put the book down. The last half was a...
The Prodigal Hour.jpg
Published by Bookchase
Is there anyone not fascinated by the notion of time travel?  Whether the pull is simple curiosity about what the past was really like, or wonder about the...
The Prodigal Hour.jpg
Published by Doubleshot Reviews
  Journeying across time Cassie and, especially, Chance will be challenged as to what is right and what is wrong and the consequences of changing history and, not only...