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You Name It, I'm Mad at It
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Man oh man, I'm mad. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. Take what? I don't know. And that makes me mad. Angry. Riled up. Cranky. Irate. Livid. Bellicose. Splenetic. Which has something to do with the spleen. Think it involves leakage. Whatever it is, it can't be good and I got it.

I'm mad at everything and everybody, but especially at career politicians. Not to mention career pediatricians. From now on, one of my kids gets sick, I'm taking them to see some incensed old coot straight off the street carrying a misspelled sign. Experience is way overrated. Why can't U.S. senator be an entry-level position?

Read the rest of this op-ed on AOL News.

By the way, Gina Misiroglu of Red Room put me in touch with the AOL people, which is one of the great ways she's bringing traffic to Red Room and getting attention for Red Room's authors.

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Yeah, Me Too

I'm also mad at the those foolish people who want clean air and an ocean with fish in it. I'm mad because the pipeline is leaking all over the place and the tundra is melting so I can't go drive around and shoot things. I'm mad because all the animals are dying out before I get a chance to shoot them or catch them or eat them. I'm mad because big storms are blowing the shingles and roof off my big house. I'm mad because there is global warming. How could there be global warming when it's so darned cold outside.

I'm also mad because men are kissing men and women are kissing women and say they're in love and want to be married to each other. I'm mad because women think they are as smart as men are. I'm mad because of tattoos and nose rings. I'm mad because kids in school are not sitting in rows memorizing their times tables and don't speak English. They shouldn't go to school if they don't speak English. Their parents shouldn't come to this country if they don't speak English. They should all have white skin and bald heads and have coronaries and strokes and be on Medicare like me. Or, like you, not me. You're different.

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Madmen & madwomen

You can't talk about politics anymore because anything you say will trigger a rant, even from your friends. Add a comment, even a clearly joking one, to an online thread and you get flamed with a string of bitter comments. Civil discourse is dead in this country.

Granted there is plenty to rant about, but it has become tiresome. Sure, we have a government of whores, the environment is trashed and we are all screwed in more ways than we have orifices, but does being perpetually pissed improve matters?

Michael Lipsey