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To Doom or Not to Doom
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Doom. Impending doom. Deep, dark, impending Democratic Party doom. Losing one if not both houses of Congress -- deep, dark, impending Democratic Party doom. Deep, dark, impending Democratic Party doom of biblical proportions destined to make 1994 seem like walk in the park with a loved one down a sun-kissed lane strewn with fallen magnolia petals.

Then again, wait. Maybe not so much doomishness.

A week ago, the Gallup organization released a tracking poll giving the GOP a 10-point lead when voters answered which party they favor. And much wailing and crowing ensued. Whispers grew into shouts, and fear and joy swept the land. Democratic candidates avoided Barack Obama like a plate full of haggis dipped in botulism toxin. Fox News commentators boasted that independents would prefer having a sack full of snarling weasels dropped into their pants than vote for a Democrat. And being home to Bill O'Reilly, it was assumed they knew what they were talking about.

Read the rest of this op-ed on AOL News.

By the way, Gina Misiroglu of Red Room put me in touch with the AOL people, which is one of the great ways she's bringing traffic to Red Room and getting attention for Red Room's authors.