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Winter Hands
Just North of Luck

As I sit here composing a blog about winter, it's actually 70 degrees and raining with thunderstorms like a summer's day. Yesterday's temperature only made it into the 40's.  The volatile ups and downs have driven me to the computer, but my hands are cold. Why? I have no idea. Lack of use perhaps? I have been procrastinating a little...well, a lot.

So it's time to warm up these hands and get moving on my next book, a stand-alone, a new challenge coming after four murder mysteries in The Logan Hunter Mystery Series. While I look forward to the challenge, I'm somewhat at odds with my poor-excuse-for-an-outline.  I know the "bones" of the book. I just need to stop all distractions and get on with putting my box of ideas into some sensible order.

 Crap! My coffee's cold!  Oh, the mail just came...Now, where was I? Oh yes, I was saying that I need to stop all distractions. Easier said than done, huh?

 My writing seems to be as cold and hot as the weather. Trying to focus just isn't working this morning. I can't go out and build a snow book, and I don't want to be soaked by this blowing rain. Should be a great time to write....

Maybe another hot cup of coffee? Or some hot apple cider? Maybe my thoughts are constipated. One thing's for sure: my hands are still cold!

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So adorable


Enjoyed this post. So adorable, so funny, and so TRUE! All that procrastinating can only mean one thing - you're a writer! Again, wonderful post.