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Multiplex Fandango.jpg
Published by Dread Central
"There are names in the field of horror literature that everyone knows. Names like Barker, King, Lovecraft, and Straub are firmly implanted in the collective consciousness and...
Multiplex Fandango.jpg
Published by Shroud Magazine
"Weston Ochse is the real deal: a military veteran and former intelligence officer whose resume is no doubt peppered with events he can't talk about, who travels to exotic locales...
Multiplex Fandango.jpg
Published by Paperback Horror
Multiplex Fandango. Say it. Multi-plex Fan-dan-go. It's beautiful, isn't it? Just rolls off the tongue. It’s almost as beautiful and satisfying as the book you may now...
Multiplex Fandango.jpg
Published by Publishers Weekly
Weston Ochse. Dark Regions (www.dark-regions.com), $40 (286p) ISBN 978-1-937128-06-7 Ochse (Scarecrow Gods) builds a "multiplex" of 16 stories (six original to this volume)...
Vampire Outlaw of the Milky Way
Published by Horror Drive-in
For me the most enjoyable aspect of being an avid, damn near rabid reader has always been the short story. But ever since I started turning pages of collections and anthologies I’...
Scarecrow Gods
Published by Fearzone
"Weston Ochse manages to weave a compelling and very fast-moving story that eventually brings all these disparate personages together in a fascinating and frightening plot. Mr....
Scarecrow Gods
Published by Publishers Weekly
"God speaks through odd prophets in this schizophrenic tale, which won Ochse a 2005 first novel Stoker Award. Hideously disfigured Maxom Phinxs, known as the “Maggot Man” for his...
Scarecrow Gods
Published by Macabra Ink
"It’s rare to find a first novel with the depth, clarity, and complexity Weston Ochse’s Scarecrow Gods. The author seems to have dragged his characters form his own Land of Inside...