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Wine, Cheese and Science Fiction

I spent last weekend at the nearest regional Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Convention: TUSCON 35, held in Tucson, Arizona.  The GoH was Diana Gabaldon.  The perennial toastmaster is Ed Bryant.  Last year found Ed under the weather, and at the last minute, I had to replace him as toastmaster and roast science fiction author John Ringo.  I think the video of it is still floating around on youtube.  Thankfully,  Ed was feeling much better this year.  Evidently he had some kind of South American jungle rot last year, but it got better. 

I should have let everyone know I was coming, but I'm knee-deep in writing a novel, finishing my MFA, and was so keyed into the election (GO OBAMA) and I was in D.C. until Thu night, I just didn't have the time.  So when I got there, a lot of people were suprised.  Still, the con went great.  Brian Cartwright from the new Cargo Cult Press came down to see me on Saturday.  They're a small specialty press, generally geared towards collector books with multiple dollar signs, gold embossing and leather that was hand-rubbed by Amazonian virgins.  Brian is good people and doing great things with his new small press.  I also saw a lot of old friends and new. 

For the first time, folks were able to buy copies of Scarecrow Gods.  The dealers room sold out, but I had some author copies I was able to provide as well.  They sold out.   Sometimes when I'm at Science Fiction or Fantasy conventions, I feel like the great author no one has ever read, because of all the limited edition novels that have been published.  Now with the tpb edition of Scarecrow Gods and the $8 chapbook of Redemption Roadshow, everyone can read me.  In an odd moment, I was having lunch today with Yvonne in the hotel bar, when across the way a woman was reading aloud the chapbook to her husband.  I felt pretty nervous.  I hope I didn't disappoint.

One of the highlights was the Wine and Cheese Party.  With over two dozen cheeses and twice that many bottles of wine, I felt positively impressed with myself and everything around.  I had a great time talking with Dennis McKiernan and his wife, and watching some poor Joe try and eat (single-handedly), a Dios de los Muertos sugar skull.  They should have more wine and cheese with fiction.  They absolutely go together.