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"A masterly Dickensian novel" - DETAILS  
"Original and moving.  What is glorious about this novel is that, along with a nice plot involving absconding fathers and hidden family connections, it examines elusive questions about the nature of the artistic voice…[Wesley Stace is] a skillful author on his way to becoming a very fine one.  When the [ventriloquist] tells his dummy to "get back in the box" for our amusement, this is the rational and repressed mind speaking, terrified of the anarchic possibility that the dummy might say something threatening, subversive or secret -- the purpose of all good art, in other words. Stace knows this and offers the reader great insight into the psychology of creativity. "Writing is all that I have," says Grandfather in his diary. "It keeps me alive, as it always has. It is how we imagine not being lonely." There's a line to fly straight to the heart of any writer or composer. "By George" is an entertaining and daring work in which wooden dolls can bleed and break hearts. This is not a novel that will willingly go back in the box.”- Graham Joyce, WASHINGTON POST  
"A rich Dickensian tale... the reader is left both happy and moved."- Jonathan Ames, NEW YORK POST  
"Stace reprises his mesmerizing, whimsical, neo-Dickensian storytelling, revealing himself to be one of the freshest fictional voices at work today. Indeed, "by George" delivers two fresh fictional voices for the price of one... Enthralls from its first page, with fanciful characters in oddball situations so convincing that when a ventriloquist's dummy speaks for himself, the only question a reader wants to ask the dummy is, "Why don't you stop complaining and just get on with your life?"... - Skye Moody, SEATTLE TIMES  
"Some illusions delight even when you know how they're performed.... As George says, he "understood that a voice could not logically be thrown, but a Fisher knew that you could persuade people of almost anything. . . . If you could harness that 'power' . . . what could you use it for?" So far, Stace is using that power for good: very good, in fact.""- Alexis Soloski, VILLAGE VOICE  
"Completely engaging... filled with small surprises and subtle humor."- NEW YORK MAGAZINE  
"This inventive novel rewards the reader with its intelligence, its wit, its poignancy, and its splendid writing. By George, I loved this book!"-  Nancy Pearl Book Reviews, KUOW  
"In this groundbreaking new novel, readers are introduced to two of the most compelling characters in modern fiction... a compelling vision of our cultural history and powerful examination of the human quest to find one's purpose. This utterly unique novel will only futher Stace's stellar career."- Editorial Review, STRANDBOOKS.COM  
"A touchingly comic and dark tale of ventriloquism, murky secrets and the fractured Fisher family."- NEW JERSEY STAR LEDGER  
“GORGEOUS GEORGE… Compelling… Nonchalantly mixes genres, voices and prose styles from several centuries. Eclecticism seems to suit this author… [and there is a] vibrancy of every scene involving the various theatrical pursuits of George's family… The author's vivid set pieces of life on the stage are…convincing and enjoyable.”- LOS ANGELES TIMES

"Stace amasses enough gently ironic humor, emotion and insight to carry his voices beautifully."- PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY  
"Stace...has a real talent for re-creating a variety of settings, from battlefields to boarding houses to the backstages of vaudeville. This novel is an original, and it ends with a most satisfying revelation."- LIBRARY JOURNAL  
"One of the few examples of a musician holding his own with the big boys. [By George] is another full-blooded novel... Just as strong."- SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY  
"(Stace) has carved out his own niche as a writer of prose."- CREATIVE LOAFING  
"Characters spring to life in the words of the sardonic dummy, whose pointed comments about his wacky family make the book a hoot to read and beg the question, 'Who's in control, the puppet or the puppet master?' Book groups will enjoy sorting out this one!"- BOOKLIST  
"Stace's characters, even the wooden ones, are so lively that it's easy to think of them all as real people. Readers looking for a smart, interesting and well-crafted story would be remiss in not picking up this book."- HIPSTERBOOKCLUB.COM  
"A wonderfully witty and imaginative family saga... A compelling and highly readable tale with strongly realized main characters that are deeply sympathetic.- ROMANTIC TIMES  
"An entertaining novel... (by) a strong writer who does not give it all away, but relies on the reader to fill in the gaps. He builds up the action to an exciting and unexpected climax." - READERS VIEWS  
"A literary delight... Don't make my mistake and hesitate to enter the realm of Wesley Stace  - Seek out this book at all costs!.... You won't find a better look at what lies beneath the surface of a family."- LIVING READ  
"Smart, sharp wordplay and clever turns of phrase... A serious – if seriously weird – novel filled with angst, nostalgia and a family of theatricality, in more ways than one."- BOOKGASM  
"Stace proves once again to be a gifted novelist."- METROMIX