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Issue: August 1, 2008STARRED: Hide & Seek: A Neurotic's Hilarious Journey.Aron, Wendy (Author)Sep 2008. 256 p. Kunati, paperback, $14.95. (9781601641588). 616.85.Aron draws on her training as a screenwriter and her experience as a television sitcom writer to tell a hysterically funny account of one woman’s quest for happiness. Having battled depression in her twenties, Aron finds that being forced to do the same in her forties is downright, well . . . depressing—even to the point of longing for the good ol’ days when psychological problems forced her to be hospitalized. But this time she realizes that she can’t rely totally on her beloved therapist but must devise a method to improve herself. Her “master plan” for fixing everything from her relationships with her mother and with men to her weight and health goes awry in multiple ways, all of which she recounts with endearing self-deprecating humor. Among the missteps are a self-help class (in which the instructor preaches that posture is the key to happiness) and a try at speed dating (where one date wept for his dead wife). In the end, Aron finds a “new plan,” one that involves acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude. This engrossing, thoroughly entertaining memoir offers both a delightfully ironic view of the self-help industry and, at the same time, an inspiring personal story of recovery that will resonate with women of all ages and situations.


— Mary Frances Wilkens