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Dec 2007

Wendy was the tall scrawny late bloomer on the sidelines of the seventh grade dance who turned into the sweet-sixteen-never-been-kissed good girl yearning to be bad. Ph.D.s were the norm in her family, yet she aspired to be comfortable on any barstool in the world. In college, she took a class called “Dating and Marriage” --and got an F. Her favorite books growing up were Little House on the Prairie and The Happy Hooker, and even then she fantasized about a scenario in which Xaviera Hollander lived happily ever after with Laura, Ma and Pa. As a recovering perfectionist, Wendy explores the contradictions of being a woman, and writes about her imperfections with honesty, humor and style. “I always aspired to an A+,” she says, “I just didn’t think it would end up being my bra size.”


Robert Stricker

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