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Interfaithings spring 2011
Blind Obedience: Experiencing the Shadow in a Spiritual Community  “If one does not stand in the darkness, he will not be able to see the light.”--Dialogue of the Savior, Nag Hammadi text  When I was a young adult, I joined a commune. Our philosophy was based on a mixture of imitating the lifestyle of the first century disciples of Jesus Christ and liberation...
Short Story
at The Kotel
Excerpt from To Catch a Dream by Wendy Brown-Baez         My first taste of Jerusalem is the bitter taste of death. The taste of rusting hulks of armored vehicles along the road winding up into the mountain, testimony to the victory of ’48. The taste of blood spilled along the hillsides, until the strong sunlight glancing off the hewn stones blinds your eyes and...
cover of chapbook transparencies of light
from transparencies of light
I want to dance in a nightclub in Paris, I want to sing in a cabaret with my hair falling across my face,  a sulky voice and red lips. I want to disappear in a gypsy caravan with a man whispering sweet nothings, leave behind a chain of broken hearts.   I want to be as smart as Sherlock Holmes and a scholar of ancient texts, my glasses tap tap tapping  on...
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from my forthcoming chapbook transparencies of light to be published by Finishing Line Press 2011
   I saw her at the Wall flattened against the stones by prayer and I thought: Where is her God now that our tears have turned to blood? She brushed the wind out of her hair, and wiped her eyes on the tiny slip of paper folded and refolded as if to protect the fragile message inside, as if the crushing weight of war had not already turned it into shreds. Can God...
Ceremonies of the Spirit, Plain View Press
    Do you still love me?   This is my poem to the way we stand: you looking to horizons, events, future pastures of plenty, me to you, breathless and dazed   This is my poem to the way we hold our arms around each other: you lightly companionable, hospitable   as if it is by accident that it is me it could just as well be any me wanting nothing more than to...