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We all fall and are all helped back up again. We have all helped others, but what we do not often consider is that to be in a position to help others is a privilege in a world where over half the population has not enough to eat all of the time or some of the time. Many of us realize that giving...
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I am very tired and am going to pull my blanket over myself and snuggle up to the closest of my four dogs laying in my bed with me. And while I dream, I will hope that my prayer to help keep perspective is heard. I must remember to fight the big battles and not be strangled by daily minutia.
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  A shoeless, seven year old girl walks around the chicken pen in he New Zealand yard. The lithe and imaginative child steps on a thorn, sending searing pain through her body that forces her to step out of it, or so it seems, and she realizes that she is going to have a different type of life...
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