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What Does Life Amount Too

Here I go again, I know I have not been on and blogged in a while since Oh My God I had a Stroke.  On July 30th, 2009 I suffered my first Stroke, then I had one on boxing day, and another one after new years day.  It took a little to recuperate for these ones.  But with the love of my Wife Audrey, son Bradley and a good friend and neighbor Lena I got to the point now today I am working at a regular job where they accept me for my little problems with speech, memory and just plan being crazy.

 In the past year I have connect with My son, my Mother and other people that knew me way back when.  I have gotten to see 2 of my eight grandchildren.  I have gotten to see pictures of all my grandchildren and no bias here but they are beautiful.  

What I have learned is that it doesn't matter what the truth entails, if someone does not want to hear the truth or believe the truth, then you have to let them go their way.  In your own heart you love them like you always have, give your life for them, protect them not matter.  If they want to run you over like you meant nothing, that is their decision.  To your dieing day you have love them like no other.

Since my three strokes, I have gotten a job, been able to say I am again working class.  Yet not to were I was before.  I use to write policies and procedures, By-Laws, Job Descriptions, Heath and Safety Act's,Nuclear and Bomb Evacuations, Hostage Situations.  I was once top of the line.  Now I am a employee for a company which I am proud because they accept me for me.  I do my work and will help no matter what.

Some times people put to much importance on how much you make.  Well my dear friends, after surviving three strokes, four heart attacks, I love life.  A couple of weeks ago my wife and I found out I have a mass on my spine, and there is a discoloration on my neck.  We have agreed to do everything possible to get to the bottom of it.  I will do everything I have too.

You see I made a fifty year pack with my wife, we are going on our third year, she made me promise to make it to fifty then renew the terms.  

No matter how much we hurt, or are tired, my wife and I agree that nothing is more important than Truth, Honesty and Life.  We will live our life everyday to the fullest, and for our children and grandchildren they want to be part of this they will always be here with us, whether is spirit or life.  Our door is open to our children and grandchildren.  Too our friends and family.  We do not play mind games, nor talk against anyone.

Life is too short, if you want us in your life, we will be there.  You hurt us, or betray us there's the door don't let it hit your arsre on the way out.  Life is to short to be made complicated or betrayed.

Both my wife and I have see death come to close, for the family that want us in their life you are important, to those you want to use us find another door.  We love, live and laughter.  That is our motto.  Here's hoping we have another 48 plus to renew our promise to each other.

Too Uncle Charlie and Aunt Marge, Aunt Sharron, Uncle Larry and Aunt Louise, I will always remember how much you loved and gave it too me, your strength and love have made me whom I am today.   Dad even though you are not with us in body, your teachings are still with me.  I love life and life will go on.  For those you see dark days, picture a day when you were most content and happy, remember them in the times of darkness.  For the ones that truly loved you will always be there when you need them the most, whether in spirit or life. 

There is no greater blessing then life, even at the darkest of times, there is always a little flame that can keep your hopes alive.  As I finish this blog, please remember that some where in this world someone loves you so keep on smiling and living life to it's fullest potential.

Too me life is looking at the sunrise, sunset, grandchildren, children, dogs playing, kittens frolicking, and the smile of some one you love dear.  Too cuddle as to spoons in a drawer, or someone that has reached into your heart and strung lights to keep the darkness away.  There is always hope in the darkness, you just have to see past the dark to see a glimmer of hope.




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welcome back

Welcome back May Plante, I hope you are fine now. My wishes for your healthy life ahead. Take care, and yes there is always some one in this world who cares for you and likes you.

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sorry for the double posting.

sorry for the double posting.