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The Past the Untruth

Billy-Joe lives a life the started with lies and to this day it still goes on.  You ask that the past stay in the past.  The subtle truth is I think it’s a way for Billy-Joe’s mom to keep the bitterness, the hurt, the pain alive.  Since what has happened in Billy-Joe’s life according to her mother, it never happened.

If the lies would, it could be proven Billy-Joe’s life would be totally different, her children would never have been ripped from her.  Now her children lived their lives in lies told by some bitter women that always wanted for money but not the work that went with it.  The children were just slaves that did her bidding.  Hide the truth from her unsuspecting husband of her betrayal and cheating ways.

If the truth came out this woman would be torn apart for the lies, she’s told.  The lives she ruined, how can a person be so blinded by the lies that she allowed her family to be torn apart.  She cannot figure out while in her golden years, why her grown child’s want nothing to do with her.  

What would happen if the truth came out, how she took Billy-Joe’s son away from her, told him lies and the sister that raised him?  What about the stories she’s been saying for years.  The cumulation of lies that sent Billy-Joe away for years, the younger son has banished her from his life and that of his family.

How can a mother that claimed to love her children so dearly, she always said more then life itself, to lie her way right out of their lives?  To keep her three grandchildren away for Billy-Joe, keep the lies going for their entire life.  Will the truth come out and show this mother for the venomous person she is?  The amount of friends she deceived through the years.  The reputation of Billy-Joe’s image has been destroyed because of these lies.

What does a person have to do to correct the wrongs that have been done by a person that cannot admit the lies for fear of annihilate everyone in her life, including her own children?  How did the children ever live with what their mother has done to them?  Why do the lies persist through so many years?

Cannot this person see the damage that she has done?  She drinks all the time, brings up that past to which she sees only what she wants to.  Not what really happened.  Is she deeply ashamed of the lies she’s told?  Will there ever be a time when she will correct the wrongs?  Or will she take the lies to her death?

If the truth ever came out, is there away to mend the family that was taken away?  Lived to hate their mother because the truth has not come out?

Believe me Billy-Joe tried but alas her mother made her promise not to say anything because your children will hate the people they love.  How about Billy-Joe, the deception that formed her life and that of her children?  Her children believe She never loved them at all.  Not know that Billy-Joe thought about them day and night.  For many nights Billy-Joe cried herself to sleep for what the mother did.  When will it change?  When will this mother ever come out with the truth?  Swallow the medicine she throws down the throats of some many.

If a book was written about this family, people would think that this could be never happening.  Well we will have to see.  If Billy-Joe could wake up from this nightmare, it would be marvelous.  To have her children know that the truth is something they lived without all their lives and it torn their mother into the shadow she has become.  They say the truth prevails yet in Billy-Joe’s life the lies go on.  Some day it will come out and the lies will be swallowed up by the person that perpetrated them.  Billy-Joe wonders what will happen to the lives that these lies have deceived for so many years.

How wonderful it would be to have this mother in front of her peers, where for that day she could not lie, not even a little bit.  Oh how the truth would sound so good from this liar’s mouth.  Then two how would you be sure that she wasn’t lying again.  Would her peers be shocked?  Would Billy-Joe’s children realize that it was lies that kept them out of their life for so long?  Would it really make a difference for the truth to come out.

So many people believe that let dead dogs lie.  There is always something in the back of Billy-Joe’s mind, that the lies will come out, the truth will finally be told.  Billy-Joe does not want to rock the boat, to stir things up again for then this liar will banish her forever from the family with more lies.  

There are things that can be done to prove some of the lies.  Does Billy-Joe want to walk this walk and shove it in the face of the liars?  Will it tear apart the family that is left?  For them that there life was built on lies, to make the mother look like the wounded animal she deems is what has happened.  

So many times she has asked why Billy-Joe you don’t love me nor your brother?  Why do you bring up the past?  Billy-Joe has even been told she is not trusted.  Why? Is the truth so scary to this mother she is willing to make Billy-Joe out to be the liar, untrusting worthy, unreliable.  Is it so scary that the other’s will be hurt by the lies they believe to be the truth.  

In reality Billy-Joe knows the truth will not come out,  her mother will go to her death bed with the lies that formed Billy-Joe’s life.  The safest thing to do is for Billy-Joe just to keep her mouth shut.  Work on her new family and just keep writing.  For that seems to be the only peace Billy-Joe gets out of life anymore.  That and the love of her wife, who see’s what has happened in the last two years.  

As more chapter’s are written the pain settles a little more.  Nothing will ever change the lies Billy-Joe’s mother has told, it’s too late to change the harmful things done.  So in writing the lies do come out, the only trouble is that it’s not Billy-Joe’s lies, it’s her mothers.