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Perception Of Life

Remember being a child, always being told to be quiet or that’s not the way it happens?  What time line do you give life the right for things to be seen through your own eyes!  As we get older, we gain experience, build character.  Thinking that you finally can see life through adult eyes them BLAM.

The people you haven’t seen for 21 years are in your face.  Talking about the good old days or so they think.  When you try to give your perception your told: “I have a photographic memory and your wrong and I’m right.”

Well guess what, the little child comes back to life, you can feel the change in yourself.  You become timid, start shying away.  The happenings in your life never happened.  You were never the person in those situations.  At least in other’s eyes.

You walk away and shake your head, remember why you left so many years ago.  It flabbergast me to have someone else’s life portrayed as mine.  The person I have become was based on lies, other’s tribulations, trails, errors.  Wait I know what happened in my life, why am I regressing back to what other people expect or see me as.

I have made a promise to myself, the life I remember, the trials and tribulations I have gone through are mine.  No matter what people remember they are mine and I will cherish every positive motion in my life.  I will never again be told that it didn’t happen that way, or that wasn’t you it was someone else.

I am female, I am who I am.  There will never be another person make me feel least deserving of memories again.  If you don’t like me, or my quirks the door swings both ways.  I have grown and will not be perceived as a child or a nobody.

It’s time to live the life you want.  Here me roar.

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sometimes it seems to take a lifetime to move away from the good, the bad and the ugly of childhood -- but well worth it. I doubt there's too many who would really want to live it over, or go back.

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I agree with Wen. Memories

I agree with Wen. Memories can be distorted by families and more so reality. I could write volumes on how people perceive me and because of those perceptions expect me to be as they remember me, as THEY remember me. I have walked out many doors and closed them behind and never looked back.

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Yes it's a marvelous thing,

Yes it's a marvelous thing, perception. I've closed those doors before. It's funny that they affected me the same way now as it did then. Thanks for your comment, now I know I'm not alone.