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Ode To Love
Mom and Dad just before the wedding.

On July 4th I spent the day with two people whom I love very much.  One is 75 the other is 73.  They both were married before, both had family.

27 years ago, they became friends, they played bingo together and started to fall in love.  As the time went by they both lost their spouses, they both lost children.  In their golden years they started living together.  They argue like an old married couple.  Him staying at home and her going to bingo, cards and Rama.

As a outsider you can see the love they have for each other.  If your in the room and they start bickering, there is nothing more you can do but chuckle.  To see the years of love between them.  As they sit a reminisce about their lives, their children.  It does give me as a young person the understanding what love is about.

To me it's about sharing the good times, the bad times.  There are times when there is illnesses, also death.  To watch these to people go through all that and more, now him with colon cancer for the second time and her just having surgery for hernia's, you can still see the love in their eyes.

I call them Mom and Dad, very much to the surprise of on of Dad's daughter's, also the fact she disagreed with the 27 together and finally hitched on the wedding cake.  It was a beautiful day.  Dad got shaky and so did Mom.  With a boisterous voice upon arrival I said hey Mom and Dad your rent-a-kid is here.  Making them both smile.

There was not a dry eye in the yard that day, as soon as the minister started, so did the tears.  Standing up for Mom and hearing the sermon, which just over a year I took the same vows. I looked at Mom and Dad taking those same vows, I cried for the ambiance of love, that filled that little yard with the love that would bring the world disharmonies to an end.

For my wife and myself, it was nice to see our two dearest friends, after 27 years of living together get hitched as mom and dad said.  The best part was the love the shared with family and friends.  I felt I was standing in the midst of greatness when they both held hands and said I do.  It gives the new meaning to love and life.

Through illnesses, death, arguments, and friendship, love prevails all.  They are them pinical of love, they are and will be each others soul mates for all time.  I am proud to be part of their special day.  It will be a memory that will never be forgotten.  Isn't love grand.  I tend to like it, I hope the world can love it to.


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I Love It!

I Love It!

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Thank you, I wish everyone

Thank you, I wish everyone who believes in love could've been there

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A very tender testament to love, Wende! I enjoyed reading this very much.

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thank you, it was a

thank you, it was a privilege to be part of it.

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Excellent. Nothing like the old fashion love starting from friendship. It sounds like a wedding everyone would of loved to attend. Hope the honeymooners are still enjoying each other and their health is good.