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Make Believe Friends, ( A Published Poem)

Day dreams and memories of children only through the eyes of children,
Will adults learn to grow, learn to hand different situations.

Make believe friends, the ones you can love and never get hurt,
You can hold on so tight when your scared, keep so close to your in

Behind closed doors, where fear and frustration lurk,
Hold on tight, never show your fear, to anyone, just your make believe

Where does one get the strength to carry on, put a smile on your face,

So no one will know what's on your mind, slowly building a wall
around yourself.

You can day dream, be in your own little world, were nothing can hurt
you, never reaching out for some one to hold, because when you did,
there was no one there.

Just tears from heaven, the cold wind blowing from the north,
The remnants of rays from the sun, trying so desperately to peer
through the clouds.

Only in dreams of children, can make this world a better place,
For they love, without knowing why, they give a hug when ever needed.

All they ask is for love in return, it is not demanded,
For they are our future, never let the walls get started.

Only to be a child, to love unconditional,
When will it happen, can anybody love any one, or is that still yet
another dream.

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Went to poetry.com, I found

Went to poetry.com, I found you, nice to see you are a diverse writer. Keep it up.