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Here We Are

Here we are, the new H1N1 virus.  If you live in a small town.  We have been told, if you are sick, don't go to the hospital, isolate yourself in your home.  Don't send your children to school.  Any one in your household can not go in public.  Ok that is no problem, but how do you know it is not allergies, asthma, hay fever if you can't get to the doctor's.  I think that if the W.H.O. wants a rateing of number five the hightest they can go before a panademic. 

The don't you think, that it should be set up that someone can draw blood in your home,  HAHA and get the results.  How may of us has enough grocies in our home to last a week?  Can you expect everyone to be house bound for longer?  It takes one week for results to come in, so what happens if you live in a rual area, where there is one doctor!  You can't go to the hospital unless really sick?

I think the governement better get a better plan in effect for those you has never traveled, but they may have come in contact with people that have traveled abroad.

I'm just putting my two cents in, but like normal tax paying people, no body listens.