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Do You Think Out Side The Box

Here I sit contiplating the meaning of my life.  Wow what a mouthful.  I have been told so many times that if I have lived all I say I have I would have to be over a hundred years old.

My philosophy of life has always been: 1. Treat People as you want to be treated. 2. If you want something in life, work for it. 3. If you love something set it free, if it comes back it was meant to be. 4. Never put down, gossip nor berate someone for their opinion.

As I sit here and look at my top 4 philosophy’s that I live my life by.  I tried to conceive of why there so many things I don’t understand, the more I try to rationalize things my brain started to hurt.  Everyone has a right to there view point, opinion rationalizations.  Then why if someone does not conform to what other’s people’s thought they are condemned.

Case in point, my first Gay Pride Parade I walk along and saw the information booths.  Due to the fact for one I came out of the closet and moved out of my home town, I was seeing things I never dreamt of.  People were smiling, laughing, talking.  It was normal.  What stayed in my mind was one booth.  It was the pro-choice booth.  This is were it gets tricky.  I do not agree with abortion for MYSELF, what a women does is there right.  This women started a conversation with me about the right to choose.  When I said it’s not for me, this lady became irrate with my attitude, for one I was a lesbian how could I betray the woman’s right!  Then the kicker this woman had the audacity to throw in my face. What if you were raped? Would you want to keep the monster’s child?  Wouldn’t you want the choice?  My reply was I don’t disagree with the women right to choose.  For me I would not go that root.  Well the rant began.  What kind of woman are you? What kind of lesbian are you? You’re a disgrace to women all over the world.  If you were raped you would keep a monster’s child?

Well that did it, I looked her square in the eye and said: What gives you the right to judge me for my view point or my opinion.  I will have you know on October 11th, 1980 I was raped.  I was given the option to have an abortion and turned it down.  Why you might ask? You see what my dear uncle said to me was, he would pay for the abortion no questions asked.  What he did say to me that made a big factor in my decision was that it was my choice. If I choose to keep the baby I will not be shamed.  
I thought on that and then replied: “The baby has my blood running through him right now, and he is part of me?”  My uncle said yes.  “The baby will be loved and he doesn’t have to turn out like the man that did this to me right?”  I looked at this woman and said, I had the right to choose and I kept my son, so the right to life or right to choose an abortion I had.  With that she told me to get out of her face, I was a disgrace to all women in the world.

This was not the only time I was confronted in my life about rights, or opinions.  I look at a situations and evaluate every one.  I am glad that we are made with a thought process, hopefully to make well educated decisions.  I love hearing other peoples views, thoughts, opinions.  Hey I may not agree with a lot of them but what the hell, is that not what life is about.  What kind of world would be in if we all thought the same, agreed all the same.  No one thought outside the box.

I think it would be on sad state of affairs, wouldn’t it?  I love discussion’s about a lot of topic’s.  What I don’t like is the thought that my opinion is not valid or valued.  That’s ok, I get use to the slams, yet still I don’t let it get me down.  I am me, I love life and I stand tall.  I feel sorry for people who are hard headed and will not listen to different view points on different topics.  That is what you call human. We all have a right to speak, think, process thought, give opinions and theory’s.  Don’t you just love life.