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NaNoWriMo--Crossing the Finish Line

NaNoWriMo Winner's Badge

A little late in reporting, but NaNoWriMo finished on November 30th, and I'm really pleased with myself to have reached my goal, and the project's objective of fifty thousand words in thirty days. The rewards, as promised, are the satisfaction of reaching a goal, plus the pleasure of downloading and posting a badge as one of this year's successful participants.

Now what? A question much talked about on the web site, and one I have been trying to address over the past few weeks for myself. I have been working on the rather grand mess of words, incorporating them into a re-working of the story by re-stating the plot ideas, re-examining the characters and generally filling plot holes... with an aim of finishing the story early in the new year.

I've just discovered there is a NaNoEdMo, in March, which allows authors to group edit, working toward a more finished work. Will I be ready for a serious edit by then? Hmmmm.

I'm looking forward to next year's month of manic writing. By then, I hope to have this story finished, and a new one to work on. Who knows what the New Year will bring, but perhaps a contract to publish is a dream to be fulfilled. But I'm grateful for having the experience. It has brought a renewed energy to my writing, and a strong message that the art of writing doesn't have to be quite so solitary.

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I Know Where You Are Coming From

I also joined the ranks of those who signed up for the NaNoWritMo challenge and completed it. I haven't looked at my collection of works yet. I have told myself that I am not allowed until the 24th (A month from when I finished) in order to start with a fresh pair of eyes. I understand where you are coming from and if you need any help I am here for you. I might not be much help but I will do my best :)

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Thanks Kimberly --

Thanks Kimberly -- congratulations on your NaNo finish as well. After the holidays it would be great to exchange ideas on revisions and editing -- Wen

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Congrats Wen on your

Congrats Wen on your accomplishment of 50KI! Not a mean feat at all. Congrats to you,too, Kimberly for the same accomplishment. I now know at least three people who deserve kudos for managing the 50,000 words in 30 days!

Again, congrats to you!

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The Trick

Thank you Nancy --- 'course, the trick now, is to keep up the pace


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Thanks Nancy and Wen

Thanks Nancy. It is hard to maintain but I am hell bent on trying and Wen I would love that.

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terrific --- in the new year, let's exchange emails --- I have sent a connect request to you, I tried yesterday, but I don't think it went through. When we're connected we can email through Red Room --- wen

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That sounds outstanding. I work nights and I have a little one so if it seems to take a minute for me to answer don't give up on me. I will respond I swear. I usually answer emails late at night when all is quiet.

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No problem with that --- hope you're having a few days off over the holidays --- w.