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Jan 2008

Born a military brat in the Panama Canal Zone, 1948. Lived in New Jersey and briefly in Germany until my father was cut from the Air Force, circa 1952, in the first big military cutbacks of the time. Grew up in Bogota, New Jersey. Went to Windham College for one year in Putney, VT. Dropped out late 1967 and came to California one year too late to catch the Summer of Love. Have lived in L.A. on occassion, but mostly in San Francisco.

Started working on-air in radio in 1975 in Toppenish, WA, just outside the bustling metropolis of Yakima. Worked in various small markets up and down the Pacific Coast, first as a disk jockey, then a talk-show host, and finally a news reporter/anchor.

While working in radio news, I wrote my first novel, and a year later wrote THOR, shortly after quitting radio to pursue writing full-time. THOR was published by Thomas Dunne (Saint Martin's Press) in hardback, by Ballantine in paper, and was published in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

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