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If I had any luck at all its bad luck.   I swear, everytime I seem to take two steps forward something happens that knocks me back.  It all seems to cost me some money too.  I get some cash saved up, my TV breaks.  Or my washer goes out.   If its not one thing its another   I don't get it...
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My book is selling well.  It is building some momentum.  I signed copies yesterday in Napa, California.       If you haven't gotten the chance to check it out please do.  Its available through Amazon and other online dealers.   Here is the amazon link   http://www.amazon.com/...
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Hello Everyone I have just begun the book tour and book signings.  I have offered up the link to the first official review of the book I hope you will all be able to check it out http://bookcase.blogs.petaluma360.com/10354/hero-with-a-pen/   Thanks Wayne STreet
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My Favorite book It's difficult, almost unfair to ask me to pick just one.  I read at least 100 books a year so which one. I could make an argument for several books. let me leave it at this.  I enjoyed The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  The innocence of Huck and Tom and the conflicts that they...
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Happy New Year fellow Red Room peers.  I hope it was healthy and safe.   I was safely tucked away in a hospital bed for 7 nights from Decembe 30th through January 6th.  I had a major flare up from my Crohn's disease that knocked me down.  I finally went back to work today.   On the optimistic...
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I am happiest when I get home at the end of the day and spend it with my nearly two year old son Billy.   It's not easy holding down two jobs that take about 10-12 hours of your life from you per day.  Its even more difficult to squeeze in a little bit of time to write following it all, but I...
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My favorite Christmas was last year, 2008.  It was our first Christmas with our son William.  Our first Christmas as a family.  I got Tiffany a special diamond pendant to commenerate the occasion.  It was great to see William who was 10 months old look at the lights, the tree, and open the...
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In the relatively brief time that I have become a professional author my students and colleagues have asked me, "How did you find the time?"   I manage a classroom, a second job, a wife and a child and still did it.  I remember the advice that Stephen King offered us.  "Every...
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January 12th, 2010 is the official release date of Game, Set, Life: My Match With Crohn's and Cancer.  It is available directly from Tate Publishing right now via their website. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon and Barnes and Noble bookstores now.  If anyone is interested in advanced copies please...
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Hello Everyone I had a great time out at the Petaluma High School book signing. Thanks for all of the support.  I hope that we can keep it going.  If anyone is interested in hosting an event for me and Game, Set, Life please let me know.   Upcoming events: January 23rd Hidden Hills in Hayward,...
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