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Beyond The Outside
Colors like Mexican pottery in roadside standsFloat through my head,Swirling, dancing, aliveWith the night's smells-I am happy. Chili makes me laugh out loud for no reason,Mustard makes me dance,Avocado makes me sing.And I eat of the fruit,And the hot spicy foodsUntil I'm worn. The pots become shardsof clay in the day's light. copyright Denise A White ...
This evening the sun set, Projecting a variegated array of fire, Dancing across the desert sky.   This evening where the sun little is, Crayon full colors undulated Across the northern sky.   And the globe is alive, and it sings As these sine curves meet On the moon. -daw
Tentacles entwind to  form a barrier, darring you to penetrate the forest deep.   The trick is to do it without disturbance to all that reside there unseen, for we know  no light like the light of the snow, white of the night, of the forest deep. On and on we penetrate until exhusted, the light of the  white of night is just snow white. -...
  Cycling   Wake each day to a  Fragmentation of a life Swimming in my head, light From the drugs of their choice, Not mine.   I would rather play up in the sky. High on the mountain tops, no matter how Low the valley may become, because there's Always a fix from the drugs of their choice,  Not mine. -daw    
Words are left mystified On shelves gathering dust, Waiting for euthanasia.   Cast away in one last Desparate act, an Unintelligent man passes  By-But the man of understanding Blows off the dust.   Knowledge gives the written word new life.   Tell the story.   Mystified words come alive, In the eyes of the child Waiting to be passed,...
Harlequin by daw
Harlequin tulip We dressed in madras  Over  the rainbow -daw 
Gone With The Wind
The wind came racing like neurotransmitters through the steel-gray mind, scarred by the images revealed, when night terrors take their toll.    Like an EEG, through stages  upon stages, every vivid, color filled, frightening detail is etched on that mind.   But, no one wants to hear that the terrors of the night were...
Opprobrious act, The insenstient woman. Deep rooted thoughtless.  -daw 
Set Sail-daw
        A bourn that trickles into the lake With seasons full to overflowing, Causes ripples, waves in motion Only to dry come full circle.   Cast off, now, come about The wind may drive you further When once upon the lake you've set Edges seem to blur.   Explore her full, within the bounds Periphery can't be clearly set, A piece...
Little People
She shuddered at the words he said, "Stay until I'm gone." She heard them call for her, How long?   She stayed, they sought They must not find her there.   She shuddered at the time; She stayed until she could no longer. She went and hid elsewhere, How long ?   She stayed, they sought- They must find her, somewhere.-daw