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The Tale of Two
Cat's Eye 1 by daw

Fans whirl, like thougths through minds eye, like a racing train, descending upon a stalled car.  The switch is pulled and all is eerily silent.

If you have ever just watch a whirling fan and obscessed, wanted it to stop, and couldn't quite reach the cord, then you have had an out-of-body experience of bipolar disease.  Sometimes this is hypomania if it goes on and on for hours on end and it just won't stop.  Your mind racing like an uncontrolled train and you know it will hit a wall, come crashing into depression, or like the tain most likely hit a car.   Your mind's eye can see it all.  The racing thoughts are known, but unstoppable, the crash that is coming, but unstoppable.  So how do you pull the switch and quiet the mind and make it silent again?

For me, it's my meds and being focused on an outward goal; physical goal, walking.  I also drum.  For other it is unstoppable!  What can be done in the political climate we are in?  I just leave you with that.  For this was just a brief intro.