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Photographer and Writer
Rising Moon's Reflection

Will the true photograph be a thing of the past with the onslaught of the new image machines?  Can just anyone take a picture?  And what about writing?  Has the advent of spell check and grammar check and editing changed the way we write?  Only she/he who pays attention to their subject is the true artist, are they not?  First, the object of one's written or imaged adornment must 'speak' to him/her.  One can not just center a mountain and expect to sell the "picture" for $245.59.  One can not just look at a picture and write; attention to the mountain must be made.  You must sit with it, stay still with it, find solace in the space.  When you have heard all it will tell you may photograph it and tell its story.  You may write the words by revealing what it said on the paper under your pen.  A photographer, a writer, will know.  This is true.