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The Gulf Oil Spill Solution

The American government doesn't seem to care. Nor does the Mines ands Minerals Department of the United States  government. The firm that has a solution that has proven to work is Wild Fire Technologies, which has been verified by Scientists and Engineers. Go figure. BP won't listen to this firm. Senators won't listen. The U. S. Coast Guard passed the buck.  What in the world is wrong with those politicians and government bureaucrats? Is nobody listening out there? Oh just let the oil flow. Where the hell is Transocean while all this is going on? Some body somewhere is making big American green backs out of this and that to me is... I can't use profanity here. 


Hey, the world is almost petrified because of this dramatic and irresponsible disaster. And this company, Wild Fire Technologies, and yes it is an American company, does have the proper solution. Nobody wants to really solve this dilemma. This company does and now. Not in a weeks time. Not next month. NOW.  How often have I been wrong. I'm still batting 8 out of 8. Here's number nine. Watch the video and send it, email it, tell your friends and neighbors, your congressman/woman, anyone that will listen and rally behind this corporation that can and will do the job right "and" the first time.


Imagine stuffing this spill pipe with old rags and t-shirts and golf balls and whatever they can shove down this pipe and our throat. My God the insanity of it all.  Again, watch the video and tell everyone. Please. I've said enough. Here's the link:http://wft-inc.com/


In such a short blog, I don't know what else I can say. Your comments are welcomed  





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Stopping the Leak

Thank you for the interesting post. I checked out the video. In theory, it seems right.  I have a few concerns. I can't find a website for this company. Also there are typos in the graphics. One time is says Wildfire - another time it says Wild Fire (two words). The only Wild Fire Technologies, Inc. I can find are PR organizations or IT orgs.  I wonder  what gives? - With as much watching  that is done , I would think that the US Govt would have already seen this - including our congressmen, etc. ( also "orginization" - somebody with some intelligence would see this should be orgAnization...Just not sure this is real. I have actually emailed the address on the youtube video to see if I get a response. Thank you again.

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Me agai

Sharon, how many people did you let know about this company? And do you know if they went and watched the video? I'm just interested. Right now, facts are important to me.

Thank so much again.


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Hi Sharon. My email is wriley@xplornet.com I have written an article in consultation with Wild Fire and with their approval, I will be sending it to 39 different editors in both the US and Canada but primarily in the US. I will also be sending it to nine southern television stations. I would be happy to send you the unedited copy to preview what I have written if you so desire. Send me your email address ASAP. Even if we overlap in information, it won't matter. The more exposure for WFT the faster somebody might call them and say "Let's get this going. Now!" As I'm sure you already are aware, my profession is being an investigative journalist and some of the facts I uncovered were totally a shock to the executives at WFT. They asked if I would help and I responded in a Canadian expletive. "DUHHH. Yeh! Of course I will.

You are a living DOLL.  Write back. Warren 

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Hi Warren. I contacted the Wild Fire Technologies, Inc. It is a real company. I have just sent Jared Newnam an email
asking if their company has contacted the government or senators of Louisiana or BP. I am waiting for a reply. In theory it seems like it would work. He apologized for the typos and is correcting them. I will let you know what I find out.

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Wild Fire

Hi Sharon. Thank you so much for your interest. I contacted Wild Fire and am now writing an article for them concerning the spill and why they have not been approached. The Newnam brothers, their technology designer and I had a conference call yesterday for an hour of which I had many questions before my actual writing. I mentioned the fact I had trouble getting any info from a site and like you reached other sites instead. That Is being corrected as I write by the COO Jared Newnam. Your enthusiasm is really appreciated.

Being a Canadian and living in Canada and also showing deep concern about the spill was quite an eye opener for them. ( No American has approached them to get their message out.) For your info, the firm has in fact contacted BP (which I told them not to bother with as BP is in direct competition and doesn't want any part of WFT. They found out I was correct.) They have talked to several Senators and Congressmen and received support from Admiral Thad Allen, Admiral James Watson and Senator John Cornyn's Office (Texas). As these comments I am making to you will become public knowledge, I will keep them to a minimum. The company has also added my Red Room blog to their web site that they are now putting up. I think that is marvelous. 

As an investigative journalist, this is where I excel and will do anything to get this leak stopped. (Only in Canada you say?) Better me than nobody.

Thank you again Sharon.





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I heard from Jared. He is fixing the typos. I contacted the Texas senators (I reside in TX right now) - and also Harry Reid (my actual home is in Nevada). I'm astounded since BP put out the call for "suggestions from the public" that nothing has been said or done about Wild Fire.

I also emailed CNN, and Fox news, and additionally Sean Hannity. I posted the video on my FB page.

I'm beginning to wonder if our government really wants to stop the leak. We are twenty minutes in from the Gulf, but we are on the west side of the spill.

Thank you for your efforts.

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Oil Spill Hope

I know for certain two people have watched the video. One is on the board of a non-profit environmental group in Florida, who has some good contacts. I also submitted it to a reporter friend in Nevada. Haven't heard from him yet. My friend in Florida will no doubt show the video. I expect to get better results from Facebook than anywhere.

The pastor of my church is good friends with the editor of "Victoria Advocate" which covers most of the smaller Gulf cities in Texas. Don't know if it will help, but I will be writing an article and submitting to the Advocate. I'm hoping she has contacts with the Houston Chronicle. If we make enough noise - maybe someone will listen.

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Better contact

Hi, Warren I don't know any other way to contact you. I hope you read my comments I've added since the first one. Anyway.
I wrote a letter to the editor at NY Times, and also contacted Greenpeace. I'm making as much noise as I can.I included the link to the video, and also the website address for Wild Fire.

I'll let you know if I hear anything.