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Rush Limbaugh "Nothing Wrong With Our Healthcare Sysytem" HUH!!!
Rush Limbaugh

Drowning under massive debt and desperate to cut more costs, Clear Channel Communications took an ax to its payroll -- again -- and hacked hundreds of radio pros out the door. Program directors, morning show hosts, production pros, news anchors -- all of them tossed over the side. And yet Clear Channel's most famous employee, Rush Limbaugh, remains oblivious to it all. I sometimes wonder what Limbaugh thinks when he reads about the not-so-slow-motion collapse of his radio employer while lounging in his 24,000-square-foot Florida estate or motoring in his $450,000 car to the airport to ride in his $54 million jet. Does Limbaugh feel bad? Does he feel a little guilty? And does he ever think about giving some of his riches back so that thousands of radio colleagues wouldn't have to be bounced to the curb?

Healthcare in the United States? "It's the finest healthcare in the world. There is nothing wrong with our healthcare system." quotes Mr. Limbaugh. The astronomical worth of Limbaugh's eight-year pact: $400 million. The amount of money Clear Channel execs have been trying to scrimp and save this year as they lay off thousands from the struggling company: $400 million. Ironic, don't you think? Of coarse there is nothing wrong with the healthcare system. He can afford it. Actually, he can afford to almost buy a hospital outright. Americans listen to Mr. Limbaugh on Fox networks to the tune of 14 million per week. I look at it this way. Greed begets more greed which begets more money which begets power and more power. Then what? Collapse. Total and complete collapse. Does the name Madoff ring a bell? Hello... 

It works only if you can afford it. Thirty Five million Americans can not afford it. That number of people is the entire population of Canada. There is something wrong here. Please America, listen and educate yourselves. The system is broken. Why is it that the squeaky wheel (Limbaugh) always gets the grease?  I wish to quote from Wen Scott another wonderful and talented Redroom Blogger. "A society can measure its level of civilization by the compassion it chooses to build into its social contract with its peoples -- by dismantling social services, we volunteer to descend into barbarity".

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Health Care

The American's may have better coverage and more access to quality health care than we do in Canada, but at what cost?