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This School Year, Read to a Child

One of my motivations for writing my AOL piece about the values, benefits and importance of reading aloud to children is the potential it has for eradicating adult illiteracy.  If we create generations of children that can read and love doing so, it automatically gets rid of the problem of adult illiteracy.  Now, that's a win-win.  Here's how it starts:

Nearly 56 million students are heading off to approximately 99,000 public elementary and secondary schools, and before the school year is out, an estimated $49.7 billion will be spent related to their education.

But how many of those children are reading at grade level? And how many of these children really love to read?

That "can-do" attitude has always come in handy. From my years as a Hollywood agent to my years as a gourmet-cookie entrepreneur -- you know, baking those "famous cookies" -- Aunt Della's perseverance in me has served me well.

So well, I guess, that most of America knows me for my chocolate chip cookies. But few people know that, as an author of nine books, I worked hard for 25 years in the forefront of promoting adult literacy.

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Thanks Red Room for introducing me to AOL.