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My Home; Our Land


        My dear Yemen, you are my Homeland. You are the gift that we have. We should put you on the top. We live on you soil. But some people have the wrongness idea about the Motherland. How could they love you, while they do wrong to you! They claim that they're good men, while they do things are wrongful.


         Since February the 11th the situation has gone mad. Many people have got out to the streets standing up for their cause. They want justice, righteousness and freedom. No doubt it is their right to. After that they brought out some new demands. Those demands are unlike the first ones before! They want the president to leave the rule! They want the system to be down underground! Is it right what they're asking for? Is it right to brought down the system? Oh, Yemen my beautiful world! I stand up for the sake of you. Some guys claim that they do things for you, while they have gone wrongfully against you! How absurd is that! The power and the mad people are going in battles against each other! And for what!? In order to eliminate  the corruption that has deployed in all over the country. Armed men attack soldiers back. The soldiers attack civilians back. They're both using heavy artillery against each other. Not to mention that the residents are in the middle which cause death and destruction to the earth!

         On March the 18th  what happened on the Friday of dignity is unequivocally assassination. The ugly truth is the simple is that. Who has done such a horrible action like that!? Is it the government's followers? May be. Or it could be  some soldiers who have joined  the revolution before in order to expedite the actions there. God only knows.


        On May the 29th what really happened in that awful day is precisely Zionism. The army claimed that the revolutionaries have kidnapped a soldier. Is it for real that Massacre is because the kidnapped soldier!? Outrageous!

         June the 3rd on Friday the president has been aimed to be assassinated. Could be his or theirs, God only knows. He and some of the government's men have been attacked by unknown direction. On the next day they have transferred to Saudi Arabia for treatment. One of them has passed away. May God mercy his soul.


           July the 7th the president has appeared on TV from the Saudi Arabian soil ! On this particular day in 1994 the war of separation between North ( Sana'a ) and South ( Aden ) has ended by the force of North. Therefore the Southern Yemeni people consider that day is a damned one. That's because from that day on some people in power from the North had colonized some lands which the Southern people own. The shooting was taken some days before so why the official TV has shown the president on that particular day!? Is it a conspiracy against the South of Yemen? " We will face violence with violence " the president said.


            September the 18th in Sana'a the capital at Kintaki crossroads a demonstration has been attacked by military force in brutality way! That happened after the president's return. Arrived at 3 AM in Aden city. But with no waiting he traveled to Sana'a by a chopper. Like hide and seek game!


        October the 4th on Tuesday about 10 pm there was facing battle between the Central Security base and the neighborhood behind which is about 300 meters away. That was just because that CS base was shooting randomly at some bad guys which made the residents gone mad. By several times it had to be enough is enough.

       Oct the 25th on Tuesday first in the morning the CS base which is near to the presidential palace started bombarding Al Raodha neighborhood including the hospital  there for several hours.  About 80 shots with the heavy artillery! Meanwhile some soldiers have been killed near to the Change field. Who has to put the blame on?

           November the 2nd on Wednesday after midnight it seems that the soldiers wanted to enhance their forces into the education office in Taizz city, but some armed men have got onto their way. There was heavy force against that particular area a short while. The government's force against the people's right! Even the official bank and Tadhamon Islamic bank didn't have a chance to survive!  Bombing with a tank the location is the revolution hospital which has been there for along time. The Cairo castle as well. Al Cairo castle is a place of the Yemen legacy, but the government has taken it as its own base. The hospital which has made for patient's treatment yet the military force has it! How wrongful is that! And the legacy has transformed into a military base to make horror at any time!

          Nov the 11th on Friday at noon in the Change field when the lecturer was lecturing the people there before the Friday prayer, the heavy artillery was aimed against that particular area. The bombarding was coming from  the colonized hospital. Three women were killed there. It's the heavy force which has aimed against humanity! After that at midnight until 6:30 AM Taiz city has attacked  by the heavy artillery. It was real madness.

           Does the constitutional legitimacy contains Lies, Murder, Corruption, Distortion and Demolition!? Well, this Home needs real men. This Home is our dignity. We the Yemeni people have to do something . It is time for awakening. We should, we have and we must to  be a great nation. We must put an aim ahead. But we should not do as it says " Ends justify means". If it wasn't for GO OUT and The People Want To Brought The System Down, we wouldn't get suffer as much as these days. The situation wouldn't be as it is today. And the killing the destruction would be less than it is. They're all have gone wrongfully against their own country!!!              !