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My motherland is Yemen. My love is Yemen. My whole life is Yemen.

Look what the government has done! Look at the people on the streets! Stare to the Sun. Damage has already been done. What kind of life do we have!? There is too much of sadness. How can we survive? The system is bloody corrupted! The solid bullet brings a red liquid! How come the system gives up on my soul!?The Religion is no doubt. How come the system is being too fool!? Abomination begets abomination! This darkness surrounds us to no way out! The leader is no way to confess! My life become colorless! The situation has gone into madness. Our God, please help us to end this! Many people have no food. The people must fight for their rights, they should! For my COUNTRY I'm gonna spend my blood drop by drop, I really would! The injustice has to be over. And then what about my landhood? The narcissustic system sells the righteousness out! Uh-oh, many people have murdered after fought! Peaceful Revolution! The people have many guns without no use! The bloody system has been trying to bring them on. The leader's loss! The electricity goes off! The ambiguity is deployed. The Men in Power laugh ( laugh up their sleeve )! many cities, buildings and homes are destroyed.

Bloody Hell injustice! What kind of human wants to be lived such like that!? It should and must be the all for the Motherland and so the motherland is for all.