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                Rescue is a highly performance that everyone is in need for. When someone got in trouble, he or she wants to be saved. The people who their job is to Rescue who in need to be rescued, I call them heroes!One day I was swimming on the beach that in Aden city in a place that called Al Oshaq beach ( The Lover Ones ). Me and my both uncles were swimming in such weather when the waves are huge! After awhile I got sank. Both of them tried to save me by grabbing my hands. But it was in vain, because I couldn't reach the air, nor are my feet on ground! At the time there was a soldier who was swimming there, too. He got me out of there! Any way, when I was on my feet getting out, I took a look back there I saw my little uncle who is older than me two months ahead, smashing through at a residue of a war ship there. There I got back in, in order to rescue him. But thank God there were some people who were on the remain of the ship got him up! At last we've been saved! We've been struggling to get out of water! Too shocked to believe it.  Rescue is for those who in need for help. You save lives by rescue. As long as there is who need help, there will be Rescue. But unfortunately not everyone is mint to be saved!