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Policy: The Awakening

Sometimes we feel happy. Usually we feel ugly! What's the worst that could happen, if we smash down the ex-president of U. S the silly? Palestine is under siedge, already. The United Nations is going wrongfully! The Arabs, to do something, are not willingly!!! For God's sake people, do something! The Roses are dying. The sun will be down. The stars will be fallen down! You people have to set it. Zionism is all around. DON'T YOU SEE?YOU'VE GOT TO ADMIT IT! DO SOMETHING, for God's sake. Go for it. Gaza is under siedge! The Arabs used to be the league! Salah Al din, the Christian knew about. The conqueror of Jerusalem. You Arabs, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE to avoid terrorism!? You Arabs make me sick to my stomach! I am one of you, but I'm deffirent than you. I shall kill each of you! Who for real is faking it. Wake up, losers! You've got to be awake! Leave the Girls' show. Dancing and rocking their asses! Your Brother has been killed! Your Brother is dying and you sing!!! Ugh! You are such the bigest liars. Burning yourselves out is the best that you can do! Huh! You've been cursed in doing so! How could you lost the spirit!? Maligned the great Prophet, what have you done for it!? Speak loud. Don't make it the worst! All the Prophets peace and pray be upon them are Brothers. As well as the messangers. Who has done that disgusting drawing is been cursed! Use you mind. Wake up your faith. When the bird flies, it can see the sun rise. Wake up, people. Start the engine. Do what's right. Start log in. Nine Eleven is a terrible action! But we forget about it, often! The new president of U. S. for humanity, may have something. The financial crisis is going. The American people are amazing! Sometimes the Media sells out something! When shall we have peace of mind!? Answer this question people, if you don't mind. You Arabs are doing what? You're going to have a vacation to spend time with.....somegirls HOT!!! Turning your selves down is the most that you want to. Ugh! God damn! You really have not to! And what's that for? A woman has been killed, wrongfully! What for!? She's a Muslim, presicely! Al sheea'a people are murderous! Their AL mahdi, is nonsense! Al sheea'a people have to be mentally eliminated. They are THE WORST! Zionists or Al sheea'a people. worse the worst! Al sheea'a people are for real away from Islam! The Peace in Arabic means Assallam. Ohhh, my God!!! Is this our world we do live in!? Now it's time for awakening! It's time to do something. Don't stand still. Go ahead. Make your move. Be with what God says. Don't gonna lose it. Do not you going to leave the right way! Have a little faith. Start doing the right thing. Aim the spirit. Don't miss the target. Think. Think, God damn it! I know that things are gonna work out after all. We should be there, sometime. Sometimes we do feel happy, but usually we deeply feel so ugly! Be awake. Do something. End the darkness. Capture them for justice! Zionism is pure Terrorism. And remember that "Enthusiasm is to find some"