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Peace Of Mind

When the music goes around, everyrose goes loud! When the bird flies, it can see the sunrise. Everygirl has the beauty, has the sense of Lily. The world is beautiful. The sunflower is also wonderful. Peace of mind is in somewhere? The feelings are all over. The sound of fear is too louder! Gossip is to chat. Careless no matter what! Get in or get out. Be smart. Don't get fat! I have to tell something. The right has to be done! A small light is something. The Evil never won! We're able to think, but we're just make it fake! Everybody hold your horses. We must go through this. Look at the Roses. You'll find out that Policy is such a nonsense! Take it. Or even leave it! The human being just don't fit! I tell you this, cuz we're in such darkness.! Sanity has pulled over. Ambiguity has come much longer! Everyday there's such a murder!? The Enemy is there. We see him, but Why We don't even care!? Now how about getting the Justice in? How about we all acting fair? We have to think. So let's get what has to be done! Let's knock the Devil, so that he will has none. Are you with me? Or you just want to have fun!