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Bad Manners

Manners are in every nation. The happy nation with the good manners. Some are good while others are bad. Like here in Yemen there are some good manners. Such as when a stranger comes to a village, men are responsible to make him feel at home! From the other hand, they sometimes enforce their guest at lunch to eat more than he had or to make him stay over! About Religion, people were creating things to do that Islam has nothing to do with! Amazingly, they still do things they create without any knowledge about! I say they have gone astray! Even worse, when they ill-treat the bond of marriage! They don't see the real of getting married! As for them marriage is only the wedding party! They ill the truth about marriage! The groom shakes hand with the bride's father and between them it's the man who writes their bond and pronounces them as a man and wife. They wear each other the ring. This is the real of marriage! But here in Yemen after they complete the bond, the parents don't allow for them being with each other by their own! They would call it an adultery!!!

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Waheed, Arab hospitality is

Waheed, Arab hospitality is something I wish all people could experience. It is world class.

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Hi Mrs Sheeley,

I would say that I appreciate your way saying that.


And I hope that I will soon read from you