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My debut fantasy and sci-fi Novel has now been available for almost two weeks! That's a milestone. I am working 27 hours a day and it's just been a whirlwind. Time seems so be moving slower as I fill each day with myriad tasks to help ensure the Novel's success. It seems that for every minor setback that occurs, other seeds that I have planted ripen to then bring a smile to my face. Of course, I am smiling regardless, as writing is a dream come true.

I am pleased to announce that the first professional review of the Novel (received just this week) was a total RAVE! Of course, it wasn't from the NY Times, but it made my day nonetheless. Readers have also begun to send me thoughtful communications and I am thankful that so many have been super positive. Indeed, one of the most common asks is already weighing on my mind... "when is Book Two in the series going to be available?" Guess that's a good problem to have on my plate. I have Book Two and Book Three fully outlined, and I have begun on the next chapters of Book Two. Still, with the marketing efforts swallowing my days right now, it's hard to focus on the timeline for Book Two. There's also a part of me that resists moving forward, as I want to experience as much as I can of this adventure. It's a wild ride, the work never ends and I'm loving it.

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Great! Congratulations!

Great! Congratulations! Terrific website!

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Thanks for the warm wishes... I went to your bio... WOW. You have done some amazing stuff over the years... and your "what agent" rhetoric made me laugh, as I too, have been driven by my own perseverance and work ethic.