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New Fantasy and Sci-fi Author to Attend BookExpo America 2009
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In these uncertain times, when digesting the daily serving of discouraging news, remember that there is no greater fountain of hope than that which lies in the deep waters of the human soul.  

Since my prior Blog entry, my author labors have consisted of marketing Book I, working on Book II, and preparing for BookExpo America 2009 (BEA). Trust me… that triumvirate speaks volumes. There are not enough hours in the day. BEA, held in New York City this week, is touted as the largest North American publishing industry event. I have an exhibit booth and will be autographing The Soulstealer War during the Sci-Fi Salute on Saturday.

While my next entry will recap tales of BEA, here’s a recent Press Release for those who aren’t familiar with either my background or the Realm of Weir.

PRINCETON, New Jersey – March 2009 – Released in January 2008, The Soulstealer War: The First Mother’s Fire, is the first book in an epic fantasy series of magic and mysticism by debut author W.L. Hoffman. Despite the risks and challenges inherent with small press/self-publishing, the novel’s critically acclaimed content has propelled Hoffman from relative obscurity to placement on Barnes & Noble’s shelves. In August 2008, due to demand, a second printing of the novel was completed in traditional offset lithography format. Ingram is the distributor. For a new author, the learning curve has been steep - and a dream come true - but one replete with trials and tribulations. There's a story in that journey in addition to the novel’s unique fantasy vision that touches upon philosophy, the universe and true magic. The novel also features dazzling original cover art by the esteemed Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. BookExpo America 2009 held in New York City is the next career step for Hoffman who knows that beyond talent, it takes perseverance and luck to succeed as a writer. While he hopes this opportunity will bring heightened access to readers and mainstream publishers, Hoffman is thrilled to participate in this milestone.  

This is one of the best fantasy books… within the past couple of years.”  Roundtable Reviews

Indeed, it is the mark of good genre fiction that it is able to transcend its foundations and shake the very rafters of existence.  Douglas Adams did it with his Hitchhiker's Guide series, Tolkien did it with his Middle Earth, and now W. L. Hoffman has done it with the beginning of The Soulstealer War series.” Front Street Reviews 

“Highly recommended for community library fantasy collections and for fantasy lovers in general…” Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch Vol. 7, No. 5

About the Book: Unemployed after graduation, Kenneth McNary seeks inspiration on the Appalachian Trail. He never suspected that it would find him first. Ken is transported to a fairytale world by a god-like sentience and is tasked with uniting its denizens for a coming war—a war with eternal consequences for every soul consumed by the Enemy. While grappling with his strange surroundings, Ken learns that humans are slaves to near-immortal beings who have lost their magic. Complicating this situation is a mysterious new race of magic wielders and the reappearance of subterranean, flesh-eating creatures long thought extinct. To survive and embrace his destiny in a land hostile to humanity, Ken must discover the Fire within. But he faces two problems: he is a novice pitted against masters, and the magic may kill him before the masters do!

About the Author: W.L. Hoffman was born in the 1960’s in Atlantic City. Hoffman’s interest in reading fantasy and science fiction was voracious from an early age. He took advanced English curricula through high school, received his BA in English from Duke University and attended English literature classes at New College at Oxford University in England. Following his introduction to legislative drafting while serving in the Duke University student government, Hoffman obtained his JD from Cornell Law School. While there, his dreams wandered into strange realms as he quested for life’s higher meaning. Thus was born the foundation for The Soulstealer War. Ultimately, Hoffman left his law practice to pursue his writing career. He currently resides in central NJ with his wife and daughters. He enjoys spending time with his family in their organic vegetable garden, exploring the Sourland Mountains, and telling tales on the front porch to the next generation of dreamers and writers. 

The Soulstealer War: The First Mother’s Fire

By W.L. Hoffman, www.SoulstealerWar.com

ISBN-13 (Paperback): 978-1598-585-391

Price: $14.95 – 284 Pages      

BookExpo America 2009, Booth 5049, May 29-June 1, Javits Center, NY 

For more information: WLHoffman@SoulstealerWar.com