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This past week, my inner voice drove me to abandon work and attend an afternoon lecture on “Free Will & Philosophy” given by a Philosophy Professor from a top University. As an aside, we all need to listen to those subtle instincts and energies that guide our paths. That’s a hard task for many...
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There's a master blacksmith at the NJ RenFaire who forges serious weapons... truly artistic and elegant battle steel. At our last few "hail and hearty" greetings, besides testing a blade or two, and chatting of things metal, he has asked me in earnest, "Bill, when will The Soulstealer War be...
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Absent extraterrestrials accelerating our learning curve by letting us ride their alien coattails as Space-faring vagabonds, humanity’s future rests with colonizing the final frontier. The hazards of this gamble will be severe. We may even splinter into multiple subspecies as we adapt to conditions...
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Like atrophied muscle, IMAGINATION withers if not exercised. One delightful cure is a day-trip to the 2013 New Jersey Renaissance Faire! My family loves to dress the roles and meld into the live-action performances. Here’s the preview video of this year’s RenFaire theme…and while my cupboard holds...
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Have no doubt, my friends, these are serious times. And for this reason, I have never been more appreciative of the revelry that converges at the NJ Renaissance Faire at Liberty Lake. This weekend my family strolled in costume among the RenFaire community, savoring the spontaneous interaction...
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Recently, our family attended an evening program featuring a conversation with Dr. Jane Goodall. This graceful and passionate elder was a role model extraordinaire for my adolescent daughters. Dr. Goodall talked of humble beginnings, her family’s unwavering support, bold adventures and the future...
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     The summer of 1878 in Iowa was more oppressive than usual, and Milton Wright longed for an evening breeze to waft through his upstairs window. He had been working all night. His wife tiptoed into his study. The flickering oil lamp revealed her presence before her free hand...
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In the feudal days of Medieval drudgery, when families struggled for meager subsistence, the appearance of troubadours, tinkers and troupes afforded a miraculous respite from the mud and toil. These travelers were welcomed, whether at the Manor or Commons, for even then humanity craved such food...
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As I spend my days writing Book II of my fantasy and sci-fi novel series – The Soulstealer War – it’s pleasant to consider a tangent every now and again. So it is that RedRoom’s “your favorite poem” caught my eye today. Let me confess… poetry is not my forte. In fact, there was a time in high...
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Let your dreams carry you into strange lands, for one never knows what treasures await. It seems my “to do” list grows evermore, but this is the stuff of life, and I accept the good, the bad and the ugly – though forgive me for hoping to find more of the former. I say “find” because our perception...
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In these uncertain times, when digesting the daily serving of discouraging news, remember that there is no greater fountain of hope than that which lies in the deep waters of the human soul.   Since my prior Blog entry, my author labors have consisted of marketing Book I, working on Book II, and...
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The Soulstealer War has been available since January at www.Amazon.com, www.BarnesandNoble.com, www.Borders.com and through stores affiliated with www.BookSense.com. As a first time author supported by a “small press,” I have experienced both the trials and joys of introducing the novel. I would...
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When it comes to writing and blogging, I recognize that my audience varies. Based upon prior communications, it’s fair to identify two dominant groups from the crowd – those who want insight on the business of writing and those who embrace the fantasy & sci-fi discussions. In the last month, my...
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There are those folks who suggested that I should have attended the BookExpo America (BEA) convention in Los Angeles rather than spending three days at Wizard World Philly. I’m sure they meant well. From my perspective, however, it was too early to take the initial novel in my series - The...
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Coming from a small publisher (effectively self-published), I am constantly battling and occasionally appeasing the gods of "Bookdom" in order to spread the word to mainstream media and to encourage readers to delve into my newly released fantasy/sci-fi novel - The First Mother’s Fire,...
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