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Smells like Demi spirit


I dab a little behind my ear and look in the mirror. Does this make my hair look big? It definitely looks darker. And have my blue eyes turned. . .? Oop, just a second. I got a Tweet. It's Ashton. He's all-a-Twitter, blabbing to the world about our love. Again. That boy is crazy for me. And I'm not too sane for him. Sure, he's a bit goofy with the practical jokes but have you seen his smile?


This is how it smells -- er, I mean feels -- to be Demi Moore.


That glam-a-zon actress is the inspiration behind the new fragrance from Helena Rubinstein called "All You've Ever Wanted." It's a combination of florals and "a touch of cedar" said to be passionate, entrancing, seductive and in control just like Demi. The 3.4 ounce of eau de parfume spray is $80 exclusively at Macy's and I even can get a free-complimentary-gift mascara the better to bat my lashes. 


Not sure how I'd feel if someone said I inspired a specific smell. I'm afraid my life might stink. There's the employment thing. "Un" since May 2009. Newspapers and magazines just aren't hiring writers these days. Perhaps you've heard; some little WWW thing. 


So I think I'll try a little dab of Demi.


Mmm, weird! I keep getting whiffs of "That '70s Show."