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O Oregon


There are days, usually gray and drizzling with rain, when I find Portland difficult. Like being best friends with Eeyore, I want to ditch the dreariness but am so tangled up in this place, I just can't walk away from it. 


There are other times when I'm reminded of the good that is Portland. Last night at the Basic Rights Oregon auction at the Portland Art Museum was one of those good times. They showed a video of a couple who'd been through a terrifying health crisis: The woman nearly died of meningitis. The story wasn't about the wonders of advanced medicine but  rather about how the couple was treated by the hospital staff --- beautifully and thoughtfully -- without bias that they are both women. That wouldn't happen in some places without laws enforcing it, hence the "basic" in Basic Rights Oregon.


Later in the night, the vivacious, gorgeous, luscious-voiced Storm Large came back on stage to belt out her "8 Miles Wide" song about a certain part of her anatomy inviting the men to sing the chorus. 


There's no place like home.